In just 3 minutes you can discover the best business model for you.

Which business model is best for you?

Discover the easiest way - for you - to start, grow and scale online.

This digital scorecard has been designed to show entrepreneurs,
startups and small businesses what business model is best suited for their skills, knowledge and experience level.

How It Works

Answer 40 questions on a range of business related topics to see which business model is best for you.

You want to build your business, right? But which business model is the right one for you? Take this scorecard quiz to receive a detailed insight to which business model will help you to achieve your financial goals quicker and easier.

You'll be scored against the following key areas:


Building a Side Hustle

Would you like to earn extra income working from home?


Building a Business

Are you ready to launch you next digital business empire?


Building an Agency

How about helping other businesses to launch, grow and scale like you.


Building a SAAS

Build a profitable  all-in-one solution to help support your customers.

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