Case Study

Marketing Consultation, Sales Page & Email Capaign - From Offline To Online

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It all starts at the beginning

When we first met Pam was feeling fed up and frustrated from her business.

She’d had some success …was making pretty good money …but she was tired of travelling all over the country to meet prospects after exhausting her local market.

Can you imagine? Having a business that’s making money and appearing successful but being trapped in a cycle of over spending and negative self doubt. Awful!


The Challenge

Pam was working 24/7 trying to bring in extra sales …and it was almost working…but she was close to having a breakdown due to fatigue. She knew this couldn’t last forever (And as a new mum she was desperate to spend more time with her little man)

Anyway – turns out Pam’s “thing” could be fully transferred to being online. Which meant she could earn more profit and spend less hours working.

“When we told her she said, “Oh for f*cks sake why couldn’t I see that?”. Hence why we call it the “FFS Effect”.”

The Results

We helped her uncover the problem, fix it and fast forward to today …she’s completely changed her business model from offline to 95% online, she has more revenue than ever, and she has now launched a brand new coaching business as her 4th income stream.

She said herself, if it wasn’t for us, none of that would have ever happened.

Fully sold out

Record Monthly Income

Reduced Hours

“Since 2017, we have been working with businesses just like yours and there is one problem they all share. And after consulting over 5,000 people personally, in just a few minutes we can see what the problem in your business is, saving you years of heartache …”

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