How To Make Money Using Email

Hi Friend,

I want to show you an exciting and super-simple way to make money ...

... which is something you can do in ANY economy (it's actually easier when times are tough but works in both good times and bad) ...

... and WITHOUT all the usual hassles that come with running a business online (no posting to social media, no engagement hacks, point at random stuff on Instagram Reels. None of that is necessary with what I am about to share with you.)

And, I want to share with you an important business lesson in the value of money.

See, you are here because I said in my Facebook group…

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 15.41.28

A lot of people, just like you, jumped on to this awesome free offer.

And why wouldn’t you. I’ve been a well-known and trusted marketing expert in the digital space for almost 8 years. Since 2017 I’ve generated £2.6 million in sales revenue online and the number is so big for my clients, frankly, I gave up counting.

And the majority of that revenue came from email marketing.

In fact, you could realistically assume using one or two of these 80 emails could earn you a few hundred quid from selling one or two of your products or service.

So, let’s talk about that.

First of all, let's agree that if you could generate £100 using just a few of the emails I'm about to show you, then achieving a £1,000 profit in one month is quite realistic.

For example, if you repeated the process two to three times a week that would equate to £200-300 per week.

£250 x 52 weeks = £13,000.00 in one year. Or, just over £1083 per month.

So.  How does this work exactly?

How to Make An Extra £13,000 a Year By Sending Just a Few Emails.

This all starts with this mantra I tell my three kids all the time:

"You make your money when you BUY!"

That's right.  I'm talking about the most universal and reliable business principle in existence:

Investing in yourself.

And I'm not talking about enrolling to a crappy memberships or high level mastermind.  Nothing risky here. I'm talking about you investing your time.

(When it comes to email. I only deal in things that I know 100% you will profit handsomely on.)

This is ridiculously easy to do when you understand the power of copywriting, email marketing and evergreen automations.

I'm talking about real, highly desirable skills that have obvious value.

(Sometimes the value is not so obvious.  More on that in a minute.)

And unlike with selling on social media, having a tangible automated marketing system pre-made to sell means there's no "selling" by you required whatsoever.

Here's what I mean.

The Truth About Succeeding (or Failing) In Your Own Business

After nearly 15 years of being self-employed and working with online business owners of every type, here’s a truth that I’ve discovered:

Most people eventually fail in their own businesses because sales and marketing is the "necessary evil" that they have to "deal with" in order to stay in business.


Most of them hate it, wish they didn’t have to do it, and unless they were naturally gifted at selling, they got quickly discouraged or couldn't overcome the steep learning curve required to turn things around.

With the offer I'm soon going to share, you don't have to worry about ANY of that.

Let me ask you a question:

The person who calls a store on the phone to see if they have the exact item they're looking for ... and then the store says "yes" ...

Does that customer need to be "sold" on the item once they show up to pick up the item?

Heck no!

At that point, it's only a question of whether the item has a price they're willing to pay.

If so, done deal.  Easy peasy.

That's what we're talking about here.

Now, let's get back to making £100 using a few emails.

Burn this into your brain:

EVERYTHING has a value to the RIGHT PERSON, at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT PRICE POINT ... even if that person is not you (CLUE!).

If you “sell right," it's as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that you will have even more money (PURE PROFIT) in your pocket very soon.

Let me show you an example.

This is my client and friend Dan:


He is an amazing branding specialist (and a thoroughly decent human being too). It help’s we’ve known each other for years now too after having around in the same social circles online.

It was only last month, after knowing the guy for over 4 years, that he eventually stumped up some cash to work with me.

The amount he spent is between us, but it was a substantial investment in himself.

Sooooo ...

…I asked him, why are you only now working with me?

He said, “Because your emails spoke directly to me and I knew I had to work with you”.

And that, did not happen by accident.

For reasons you will discover later, I call this type of client my ‘Average Client Avatar’.

Now there's lots of other details to how I actually “discovered” the value in replacing my ideal client with an average one in the first place ...

... how I determined it's "real" value ...

... and how I was able to finally scale selling to them ...

But for now just know the following:

This is easier than you think.

It works in ANY economy.

And it's something that will ALWAYS keep working.

That's why I call it the Last Marketing System You’ll Ever Need.

But it gets even better ...

... because you can actually make a lot more than £13,000 in the next year.

Truth be told, there have been times I have made the simplest of changes by adding just a few extra emails that has made them tens, if not hundreds of thousands in revenue earned over the years.

Which brings me to my offer.

Those 80 emails, as promised, you can have them for free.

But to access them, first of all, you must schedule a call with me to discuss your email strategy to grow your business.

You see, I understand the real value of these templates. To me, they are money making machines which consistently generate me enough money to retire from a lucrative career in financial services, own my dream home, travel the world with my family for 11 months and live a life that makes me genuinely happy.

If I just give them to you, without having a planned call with you. I know, hand on heart, your results won’t be anywhere near what they should, or could, possibly be.

To schedule your call, simply click on the button below. You will be re-directed to my Calendly account where you will see the available time slots for the month of November. On the call, we will discuss your strategy and I will share powerful insights with you to revolutionise the way you use email marketing in your business.

Till then,

Danny Clarke