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The Best Marketing Doesn't Feel Like Marketing.

Back in 2017 I was riding high having built one of the most successful Business Coaching companies in the UK. And whilst I greatly appreciated all that comes with success... the celebrity, money and success. I was hiding a secret. And the bigger my business become, the harder my secret was to bare.

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"I Loved What I Did, But..."

... I was bloody exhausted.

The pressure to build a personal brand and 'show up' every day on social media was slowly but surely killing me.

So I did what everyone else did. I invested lots of time, money and energy and moved away from one to one coaching to launch a membership, digital courses and group coaching programs.


And the difference it made was instant!

I thought to myself, "This whole working smarter and not harder idea actually might work".

And for a year or two, it did.

But, as is life, all good things come to an end... and I could see the writing was on the wall. The online space was becoming uber competitive as more and more people decided to get a piece of the 'online' pie.

And at first, it made me somewhat bitter, even angry.

I had worked my ass off for years to establish a name and build my brand... And then some random person could 'funnel hack' me and copy my entire business.

Combined with social media becoming more and more saturated I was left with a difficult decision to make.

Do I stick to what I know?

It certainly felt a safer option. I knew how to work hard, I could double down on my personal brand to stand out in the market place.

Or, do I evolve my business for the future?

Well, that seemed scary, but as I reviewed the online landscape, it was the only choice that could be made.


Which Led Me To... Evergreen Marketing.

It's funny... Evergreen marketing is hardly ever discussed as a strategy to build your business. I suppose, everyone else's lack of interest led me to thinking it doesn't work well enough.

And I knew live launches worked. In fact, I had mastered how to generate over £100k in sales every time we did launch. And as you can imagine, those big chunks of cash a few times a year are very difficult to walk away from. So let me explain the difference between the two.

The biggest difference between a live launch and evergreen strategies is that live launches rely on scarcity to inspire action. The idea being that when your offer is only available for a limited time, your audience feels compelled to take action pronto. That’s why sales pages and email campaigns for live launches use countdown timers or promote fast-action bonuses and early-bird pricing.

It’s all about getting your audience to BUY NOW, ready or not.

The downside of the scarcity play? It can really piss people off. Whereas with the evergreen model. It is always open and always running and you're always able to accept new clients.

An Ideal Situation For Any Business.

Imagine this:

A random visitor downloads an eBook that you wrote eight months ago. A few weeks later, you receive an email telling you that the same person has bought the most highly-priced product/service you sell.

But here’s the best part:

You DID NOT do anything during those few weeks, yet that random visitor kept moving through the funnel, perfectly crafted and optimized for such results.

This, exactly, is what Evergreen Marketing does!


Okay, So Let Me Get This Right...

Evergreen marketing allows your business to run 24/7 and 365 days a year. It doesn't require you to hire lots of staff. There are minimal costs to run and maintain your marketing campaigns, you can spend less time on social media and it can provide a better quality of service to your prospects and customers.

In that case, why the heck isn't every business doing this?

And here lies the real problem faced by 98% of business owners ...


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Which Led Me To Creating...

A Complete Guide To Automating Your Business. A blueprint to creating your very own evergreen marketing campaign using my 90 Day Launch Loop philosophy.

I've taken the overwhelming world of evergreen marketing and simplified it so that anybody can make this work.

Not Only Do You Get My Digital Guide...

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I Will Be Coaching You Over 90 Days

Showing You How To Create Your Very Own 90 Day Evergreen Automation... FOR FREE!

Included in this 90 day freebie are:

  • 86 Bespoke Training Sessions
  • 4 In-Depth Masterclass Sessions
  • 3 Week Long Video Series
  • 3 Digital Guides
  • Templates and Checklists
  • Opportunity for a free 90 min Consultation Call
  • 50% Discount on a range of services
  • Collab opportunities
  • And much much more

Genuinely, this program could be sold as a high ticket investment. In fact, I know one coach who sells just one small part of what I cover for £8000! And that course sells like hot cakes.

But, my business model isn't to monetise information. Instead, we help businesses to achieve their goals quicker and easier through a range of options; from templates and courses to consultancy and fully Done For You Solutions.

So if you want or need a quicker / easier way... keep your eyes peeled over the next 90 days as you'll be given a chance to do so.


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