Case Study

Business Strategy for 5 Day Challenge  - Generated £27,156 in just 7 days


There's a certain way to do this

If you've been on social media the last couple of years, you would have seen the surge of 5 day challenges being hosted online. From marketing to dog grooming, boosting your confidence to getting laid (Yep! Legit a challenge we saw last year) challenges are one of the most popular (and profitable) ways to grow your list, your reputation and profit. But, they can also become a total time suck, generate zero sales and give you a "nice guy" reputation of giving everything away for free.

The Challenge

Mark had been in business for a couple of years and was doing everything right. He had previously approached us for business mentoring (and became a good friend along the way).

When he decided to launch a 5 day challenge, he knew who to trust when it came to setting himself up for success. We provided Mark with our Done For You email templates to not only onboard and welcome challenge attendees, but a step by step system to sell his membership programme.

“Bloody hell! I've just made £27,156 in just 5 days. This was easy peasy!!”

The Results

We helped Mark to boost his membership with 30 brand new members and generate £27,157 in new revenue in just 5 days.

Mark has gone on to use this same system multiple times now and continued to generate similar results.

30 new members

27x ROI

Immediate returns

“We are consistently leading the way when it comes to creating prospect friendly conversion tools (There's an art to being a head of the curve) …”

We can make your life easy peasy. Ask us how.