just imagine...

How easy peasy your business would be if you were able engage, nurture and sell to your dream customers every single day using an evergreen email model?

No longer stuck creating more and more content for your social media every single day?


No more sending a monthly newsletter only to get crickets and feel like no one is paying attention to you?


No longer frustrated because you're not as consistent as you want to be because the day, well... Just seems to get away from you?


No longer struggling to scale because you're exchanging your time for money when working in your business.


Or, maybe you love writing emails, building automations and following up with clients. Maybe you're even great it ... but you crave more time freedom.

Day 7 email generated 37 sales! MORE than any email I've sent ever! Every day my list are replying to me saying how much they love my emails! Thank you so dang much!!!



For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. That's a higher return than you can expect from any other form of marketing — digital or otherwise.

Building an automated email campaign is hard... You know you should be doing it but every time you sit down to create the sequence, your brain starts spinning. All the questions come up like...

  • Should I send an email just to say "Hi, hope you are doing well"? Or should there always be a point of sale to it?
  • How often do I email? Once, twice per week? Daily?
  • How can I create better subject lines to get mail open?
  • What do I say to my readers that won't bore them or make them hate me?
  • How do I build relationships with my readers (and still make money)?

You know scalability lies in automation you're still stuck because...


You're stuck on what to say

You know you need to send emails to your brand new email lead, but you're unsure what to say. So you send a few emails, deliver the ebook and then hope and pray your reader buys something in the future.

Or, worse, you have ideas but you second guess yourself because you have no idea if it is what your reader wants.


You don't know when to focus on nurturing and selling

You're struggling because you don't want your readers to unsubscribe because you only sell to them but you also don't want to be known as the "freebie" giver.

You know there's a balance, but what is it??


You make an offer to them, but dont know what to do after

You know deep down sending just a few emails isn't enough. Struggling to know what to write it is not your idea of a good time (of course it's not!)

Most sales occur after 30+ exposures to you. That's why we created 31 email templates for you to swipe and use today. Let me explain why you need this:

After constantly launching for years, I was fed up, tired and ready for a better way.

(And I Discovered... How To Build a An Email Marketing System That Helps You To Work Less And Earn More)

Hey, let me introduce myself. My name is Danny and I understand your current struggle.

I used to think email didn't work! I was a social media guy because 'no one reads email, right?' Plus, I had no idea what to say or how to even put the tech together.

After 2-3 years though, I felt tired of the constant hustle needed to maintain my social media.

On the one hand, I knew posting content every day worked. But on the other hand, I knew I couldn't keep up the grind! It was starting to effect my business...

But, I was determined to figure it out because I loved what I did, I just wanted to find a smarter way.

I knew email and automation could help me to;

  • scale my business,
  • generate extra revenue,
  • reduce my working hours,
  • and change me from having...

So I studied all I could find on email marketing. I spent tens of thousands buying courses from the top experts. I tried the story telling, the asking, the comic-style, the soap opera, the nurture only...

Some of them kinda worked.

Some of them worked but were SO HARD to write.

Some of them didn't work at all.

As a systems guy, I recognised that all of the training and templates out there had the same problem. 

None of them showed you how to create an automated campaign that lasted longer than a few days. But, I knew that wouldn't 'cut the mustard'. After servicing more than 120,000 customers online, I knew that 78% of sales happened after 30 days of marketing.

For me, this system had to

> genuinely help my ideal client so they grew to like and trust me

> nurture long term relationships and not just sales

> turn readers into fans that loved to buy

It took months of trial and error but I finally cracked the code of selling by email and scaling my business.
...a unique combination of the things I'd been learning and what I know to be true in the real world
...a sequence in which things must be done
...a way to turn prospects into raving fans

THAT was the solution... Long Term Automation, and Building Relationships the Way I Do in the Real World.

And, in business, without tooting my own horn too much, I'm very good at generating sales without ever really selling. The truth is, I had to figure it out because I hate those old school 'salesy tactics' most of the other guys use. It just feels so yuk!
And, I know it takes a few key things to authentically sell and create a brilliant reputation online.
⇾ Understanding your clients biggest challenge
⇾ Showing them how to solve their problem simply
⇾ Deepening the relationship through shared experiences
I took this core idea and built out a system and started testing it.
I tested it with my audience and it worked.
I tested it with my client's lists and it still worked!

I repeated it over and over and dialed it until I got it right.

And, of course there have been some 'lessons learned' along the way but even with those, this email system is how I help businesses grow like crazy.

And now I'd like to help you grow your business with it. Introducing...




32 templated emails you can access immediately based on my 3 Phase Sales & Marketing system for email.

The emails are designed to engage and nurture long term relationships and regular sales from your email community.


177 ready to use headlines and engaging posts to accompany your emails you can access immediately. This means you can increase your email open rates with ease. These headlines have been professionally written.


Bite sized videos to show you how to create your very own automated marketing campaign. Including examples for copywriting, pricing and best offers to include.

Once you've learned how, you can use this system over and over again.





They think £32 is way too low. And I know what they mean.

These are the templates that drive my agency business...
I use them with my clients.
But, I want to see more people succeeding with email marketing because it has changed my life dramatically and I want that for you.
But, I might change my mind.
Right now, you can buy this for just £32... Or just £1 per email... But I may decide to agree with my friends and increase the price soon.

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