Launch your own Evergreen Challenge

on Instagram™.

Re-energise your business with a fresh, new approach to 5 Day Challenges without having to use a Facebook™ group

Launch your own Evergreen Challenge on Instagram™

Re-energise your business with a fresh, new approach to 5 Day Challenges without having to use a Facebook™ group



Struggling to maintain ongoing growth and scalability following the "launch" model?

And if you're being reeeaaaaally honest with yourself...

You are fed up launching 4-5 times a year.
You're exhausted by the constant hype.
You no longer love what you do.
You crave a different approach
You hate "bro marketing" but still use it
Investing in ads feels risky.

If this is you then...



An "Evergreen" 5 Day Challenge on Instagram

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But first, some honesty... In the last year or so, the "5 Day Challenge" model has become tired and outdated.

Everyone has heard about it, most people have registered for one and plenty of folks have hosted their own challenge in a Facebook™ group.


"Our clients told us they were suffering the same problems, over and over."

Audience Fatigue

The challenge model has become a victim of it's own success. They worked so well everyone jumped on the bandwagon meaning it became over exposed.

Groups Are Meh!

Someone needs to say it, so I will. The only people that say Facebook™ groups are great are people who sell courses showing you how to use Facebook™ groups.

The Rise of TikTok™

Times have changed. Facebook was the place to be. But now, your audience is on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Clubhouse, etc

Despite that... when all of your ducks are in a row...

An even better way to host your next challenge-6

You and I both know challenges are an amazing tool to generates sales for your business.

(If only you didn't have to rely on Facebook™ groups and launches)

Well, over the past few months my team have been testing a new approach to challenges.

Based on tried and tested methods, but with a fresh approach that removes the limitations of a Facebook™ group and creates a simpler, customer friendly approach which will help you generate more leads and sales on auto-pilot without launching over and over.

Which brings me to Instagram™.

A platform you already know, love and trust which lends itself peeeeerfectly to hosting your next 5 day challenge. Lemme explain how:


4 Reason why your next challenge should be on Instagram™

Memes + GIFs Template Pack
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Memes + GIFs Template Pack-3
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Enough small talk, let's get to the nitty gritty...

My team have perfected the challenge model (in fact, we were one of the first in the world to run a challenge on Facebook all the way back in 2016).

After hosting and testing several challenges on Instagram and being a world leading expert on evergreen marketing, we have created the perfect system for running an evergreen challenge on Instagram.

Let me introduce you to:

Untitled design

We've Created Everything You'll Need:

Done for you tech, tool and templates to make hosting your next challenge easy peasy

When creating this digital product, we wanted to ensure we gave you everything you need to create your "Evergreen Challenge" on Instagram. Using our tech, tools and templates, it's never been easier to follow a winning formula. In fact, one of our clients, Sarah, put together her entire challenge in just under 3 hours. Landing page, email campaigns, challenge content, sales page, the lot.

"Here's the full breakdown of everything we've included"

230 Instagram Puzzle Grid Post Templates

Simply download your favourite puzzle grid from our 15 pre-made challenge grid templates. Each puzzle creates 18 unique Instagram posts at 1080 x 1080 size after slicing. You can edit text, add images and change most graphics and background colours.

681 Divi WordPress Landing Pages

With lifetime access to the Divi Theme Builder included. You can import your choice of landing page design with a single click using the Divi page builder. Once done, you can edit text, add images and change elements, graphics, fonts and colours.

We help you with the BIG things and the LITTLE ones. Just like...

Writing Your Email Campaign

We've created an email swipe file so you can simply copy and paste our email templates. This includes pre-launch emails, emails during the challenge and a 10 part launch sequence we've used to generate millions of pounds in sales for our clients.

Building Your Messenger Bot

Follow our bitesized trainings that show you step by step how to create your automated messenger bot to deliver your workbooks, challenge videos and sales messages. Plus, we've gone ahead and written the bot messages for you to swipe and use.

Designing Your Pdf Workbooks


Download our pdf workbook template and create your challenge support guides in minutes. You can edit these templates using the Canva app to match your branding style with ease. You can change colours, fonts, images and add elements too.

Just imagine...

...all that frustrated energy you’ve spent over the years fixing tech problems... Designing graphics... Writing emails and sales pages... Launch after launch after launch... Instantly disappearing. Which means you can now focus your energy on generating more leads, making more sales and serving your customers better.

Soon You Will...


With an evergreen marketing expert on hand helping you to build from scratch your brand new evergreen challenge funnel.


Being taught exactly how to build your challenge funnel so you have total control to make updates and tweaks as you wish.

We have 3 payment options

"Choose the best investment level for you"

An even better way to host your next challenge-3



  • Immediate access to all tech, tools, training and templates
  • Lifetime access to all training videos
  • Ongoing support provided via our team Slack channel



  • Immediate access to all tech, tools, training and templates
  • Lifetime access to all training videos
  • Ongoing support provided via our team Slack channel
  • Four private consultation calls, hosted on Zoom



  • Immediate access to all tech, tools, training and templates
  • Lifetime access to all training videos
  • Ongoing support provided via our team Slack channel
  • Four private consultation calls, hosted on Zoom
  • Done For You landing page, thank you page and sale page (copy to be supplied by client for sales page).
  • Done For You email campaign for before, during and after the challenge (including the launch)
  • Done For You puzzle grid design for instagram
  • Done For You messenger bot build using Manychat
  • Done For You Pdf workbooks (copy to be supplied by client)

In case you missed it...

Every investment level comes with unlimited help and support inside our premium Slack channel.


Yes, we know... This really is the answers to all your prayers!!

What happens next...

After choosing your investment level, the following happens:

  1. You will receive immediate access to your tech, tools, training and template inside your dedicated membership area.
  2. You will receive a welcome email to confirm your purchase with the relevant receipt details.
  3. You will be invited to our Slack channel where you can ask for help and support from our Agency team.
  4. You will receive an invitation to join the Easy Peasy Business Network community.
  5. Our team will setup your website hosting, domain and landing page for your challenge funnel (for DWY / DFY clients only).

Need a chat?

Would you love to see what your funnel will look like? Arrange a call with us and we will happily walk you through real life examples of the challenge funnel designs we've previously built for our "Done For You" clients.

Meet your coach.

Danny Clarke is the much loved and respected Founder of Easy Peasy Business® and creator of the 90 Day Launch Loop®. From 20 years old, he has built and run multiple successful businesses across many industries with his wife Elizabeth.

When he isn't working, you will find Dan being a football coach to his son's U9 team or failing terribly at acrobatics in the garden with his two daughters.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Probably. A website is a centralised information hub whereas a funnel is designed to generate and convert leads in to paying customers.

Yes, there will is. A business requires investment and has ongoing costs. 

Chances are you will need to budget for, an email autoresponder (we partnered with Active Campaign for this) and web building software (we do gift this to you for free as a bonus, but you may prefer to use something else).

We recommend you use Manychat to build your messenger bot. There is a monthly cost of $15 per month after 1000 registered subscribers.

Chances are, as an experienced business owner, you'll already have these costs in place.

We have specifically designed this programme for anyone who is creating a brand new 5 day challenge funnel on Instagram. If that's you then it's nice and easy to set up so go ahead and join!


As a rule of thumb, we typically say, if you've never sold anything online before, this could be a step too far for what you need (at the moment).

That said, if you're starting today with a plan to invest in yourself and move fast, this could be for you.

If you're not sure, it's probably best just to speak to us.

Yes, of course. We've helped thousands of business owners over the years and we'd love to help you too.

All challenge attendees will be given access to a pre-hosted WordPress website. The site has Divi Theme uploaded to it, which is one of the most popularWordPress Themes in the world and the ultimate WordPress page builder.

I am a certified partner with Active Campaign and will be using AC software to show how to create email automations during a one off tech special. If you do not yet have an email autoresponder in place, we can help to setup your account at no extra charge.

If you use alternative software, you can still take part in the challenge as our methods are not platform specific.