Meet The Founder of Easy Peasy: Danny Clarke

Easy Peasy Business® was launched in late 2020 by the dynamic duo, Danny & Elizabeth Clarke. The couple, who have 3 children; Sienna, Austin and Madison, have enjoyed life and business together for the past 11 years.

Serial entrepreneurs, Danny and Liz have achieve success across a range of industries and niches. Including financial services, a Bridal Agency, Business Coaching, Web Agency, a Virtual Christmas Fayre and even a short successful stint in network marketing.

For several years Dan has focussed on, in his words, “Helping people to build a proper business”.

With the boom of the digital entrepreneur, it’s very easy to get pulled in to the concept of making ‘easy money online’. The tsunami of “experts” and “gurus” claiming their secret hack, system or blueprint will help you to make your millions is a small blight on what is an incredible time in the digital space.

Building your own business isn’t perfect. It’s just better.

Which is what led Danny to co-create Easy Peasy Business. With so much mis-information, overly complicated approaches to business, he felt there was a need to create a safe space, designed for digital business owners craving a simpler way.

After travelling the world for 11 months, with his wife and 3 children, Dan grew tired of the “more is more” approach to life. Whether that be to buy more material items, work more hours or specifically to business, the dreaded… “just show up more”. Having followed those steps, he knew it wasn’t an ideal way to create a life of happiness and freedom.

Danny Clarke travels
Snapshots of Danny and his families year long travel around the world.

Plus, it was short sighted.

Of course, making yourself busier, getting our of your own way to take action is great. For a short while. But it doesn’t create long term results. Instead, it creates a repeated boom and bust cycle for income, happiness and growth – for both life and business.

The brand Easy Peasy Business® is a collection of 4 company pillars. They are a Digital Marketing agency, Media Production company, Business Network and Ambassador programme. Our missions is to become a one-stop shop for business. The UK’s largest platform for Digital Business Owners.

The ideas and concepts for this model come from Danny’s varied business career spanning 14 years in the self-employed world.

Danny’s Career Overview

As a non-executive MD of a mortgage firm, managing a team of 19 advisors, they were part of a Network. A place for individual mortgage advisors and IFAs to be part of a bigger platform. They would receive marketing material, tech support, compliance assistance and software.

As a Business coach, helping over 130,000 businesses to launch, grow or scale, he realised the importance of training and a structured roadmap approach to bring clarity, action and accountability.

As a top earner in Social marketing, he leaned the value of teamwork, support, recognition and the importance of personal development to create a thriving environment for the majority.

And finally, as a founder of a Digital Marketing agency, the value of tech and understanding exactly where and why most business owners get stuck in growing their business.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the story, but hopefully you can begin to see the world through Danny’s eyes. As a team, what we love about Dan is his vision and ability to help people on huge scale. He is one of the few people in the world who’s brain is as big as his heart. Smart, kind, loving and loyal.

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