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Measure the impact of your landing pages with in-app metrics

Stop the guesswork when it comes to your website. With newly added Pages metrics right within the dashboard, you can see how many people are visiting your pages, and whether the content is compelling enough to inspire action. 

In the last several months, Active Campaign have released some exciting updates for ActiveCampaign Pages, improving the high-converting site experiences you’re able to create. We’ve added some new templates geared towards B2B and Ecommerce use cases and completely revamped the Pages dashboard.

With the new dashboard, you can quickly sort and organize your landing pages so you always know what experience your visitors are having across your site. And now, you’re able to track a page’s performance from within the main dashboard! 

Easily measure the performance and impact of a landing page

With in-app Pages metrics, you’re able to really measure how a landing page is performing, and how your audience is responding to the content and call to action within the page.

Iterate on landing pages that aren’t performing as well as you’d like, and have a better view into the type of content that drives clicks, form submissions, and more. What exactly are you able to track with these new metrics? Right now, you can see total page views, page conversions, and the conversion rate right on the main Pages dashboard, and we have plans to add further reporting capabilities soon!

Along with the metrics, we also added new criteria to the filter and sort list. Continue to stay organized and provide excellent web experiences for each and every visitor by focusing on the right pages that need the most attention.  

How do you set up Pages Metrics on your account? 

The best part about metrics, is that they’re automatically displayed for any new landing pages you create. That’s right, you don’t have to configure anything to start tracking page views, conversions and conversion rate. If you have any published pages prior to March 1, however, you will simply need to navigate to the editor experience for that landing page, and re-publish or update the page. Once you do that, the page will begin to track metrics from that point on. 

You might be wondering what is tracked within “Conversions”. Well, form submissions, button clicks, and link clicks are all tracked by default when you build a page or update an existing page to turn on metrics. However, you can easily adjust that in the page editor if you wish to not track any of those towards the conversion count in the dashboard. For Page Views, this number will tally all total visits, even if those visits are done by the same person. Conversion Rate is then calculated by total Visits and Conversion counts. To learn more about how to set up or edit the metrics being tracked, check out our help documentation here

You’re ready to provide an exceptional website experience for your customers

With the drag-and-drop builder, there’s no need to be a graphic designer. And with the pre-built templates you can spin up a landing page in a matter of moments and get back to focusing on growing your business and communicating with your customers. The best part? Landing pages inside the ActiveCampaign platform are backed by the power of customer experience automation. 

By using ActiveCampaign Pages, you’re not just building an every day website page, but a unified, multi-channel experience that extends across each customer’s complete journey. From discovery to conversion, you’re able to connect the dots across all channels and tools to offer hyper personalised, 1:1 content that is exactly what your customer wants to see. 

Want to learn more about how Pages can grow your business and improve customer engagement? Create an active campaign account today and get started!

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