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Dedicated Support

Danny is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and vision. With clever down to earth techniques and support, that you can’t find anywhere else.

Andrea Mellon, Life Coach

Access to Experts

As a member you have access to experts and up to date advice on how to increase your influence and turn this into genuine customers. How to make videos, create funnels and soo much more.

Angelique Lansley, Life Coach

An Amazing Resource

The group is amazing. Danny and Liz have created the most amazing resource for business owners to help them with all their marketing needs.

Denise Searle, Hypnotherapist

Best Of The Best

Super refreshing and exciting! To get to know these guys is to adore them and anyone that doesn’t get it after learning from them, probably never will.

Ange Loughran, 7 Figure Network Marketer

I am Constantly Blown Away

As an entrepreneur you get bombarded by people or groups trying to sell you how to get your business to the top by doing this program or that program, which will give you 10K followers in 6 weeks or a six-figure salary in 3 weeks to 3 months.

Some people might believe that and sign up right way but most of us know there is no trick or magic wand to get you where you need to go quick, you have to work at it, learn and learn some more.

Unfortunately most of the programs you see do offer free things to entice you to buy, most if not all when you do buy, your on your own and there is no one to ask questions to but a possible Facebook page of people who bought into the same product and are as confused as you are.

And then there is Danny and Liz Clarke. When they have Free challenges, they are TRUE challenges, I have taken the 5 Day Facebook Challenge to learn how to do a Facebook business group, I have taken the 6 Day Instagram Challenge to learn how to post properly and engage and gain followers as well as a few others.

These FREE challenges they offer contain so much valuable information, they teach you how to set all this up, how to post, what to post, how to engage, how to close and the whole time they are answering questions personally in your in box , on the group as well as having personalized calls where you can actually pick their brain.

YES, you ask do they have something to sell, well of course we all need to make money.

I have purchased two of their programs - What is so amazing about this - again you get them personally answering questions, personally watching and helping what you are doing.

I honestly do not know how they have the time. I have spoken to them personally more times than I can count. I have never seen or bought any program where you are talking to the owners personally, asking them questions, getting answer, have them look up things for you if they do not have answers to. It is more than amazing.

They never cease to be there for you, I am pretty sure they have clones I cannot speak enough about them, if you do not believe me, try one of the free challenges you will be blown away. Danny and Elizabeth Clarke, you both are truly treasures to all of us entrepreneurs.

Anyone out there thinking of joining, don’t think just do!

Cynthia Factor, Entrepreneur

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