Phase One of Your 90 Day Launch Loop

Watch this in-depth video training to talk you through step by step what’s happened so far. I break down each of the emails and why I use them and share my behind the scenes numbers for conversions and revenue.

It all starts at the beginning

Any marketing campaign that run's on auto-pilot needs structure. Like any great film, your Launch Loop needs a good beginning, middle and end. In the video above I review the first 6 days of my campaign, so you can see exactly why, after writing, testing and reviewing thousands of automated email campaigns, the reasons I do what I do.

The Challenge

Learning how to become a world class copywriter, was without a doubt one of the best investments of time and money I ever made. But, not everyone  can do it. Effective use of language to help, nurture and truly engage your audience takes skills.

That's why, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. We've taken our best performing emails and turned them in to templates for you to ethically swipe and use. For just £1 an email, there's never been a smart investment to make.

"I knew I needed an email list but the thought of being tied into the weekly writing task put me off, this has opened my eyes to a new way of using email, a passive way, create a sequence once and watch it work for me. Genius!"

- Rebecca Bennetto, Business Coach -

Want More Help?

I own a Digital Agency and Marketing Consultancy designed to help entrepreneurs create evergreen marketing campaigns. From micro funnels to huge marketing ecosystems, we can do it all.




"The workshop day changed our business on it's head an by the next month we'd increased our income streams tenfold."

- Aaron Adams -

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