(Skeptical? Good! You’re smart and will quickly understand Danny’s commitment to helping you WIN!)


Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then that means you’re interested in finding out more about working with Danny Clarke (me!) in my group mentorship programme all about effortlessly scaling your online business with evergreen marketing. I’m told that this is the time I am supposed to ’sell’ you on why I am the right person for you, but honestly …


And this isn’t some form of ‘reverse psychology’ to put you off and build trust with me. That’s not my style at all.

The real reason I say it is because when some people see the word “coaching” or "mentor" …they immediately think of a ‘dodgy Facebook advert promising the secret no one ever told you’ …and that’s not really what my group mentorship programme is all about.

See, the main reason people join this programme is NOT because they want to chase another shiny ball, with a quick fix boost and a 90 day sprint of activity doing more of the same.

Of course my clients do get a quick boost and many have been known to sprint for more than 90 days to grow, but the real reason they join is to get one thing …


Like you, they don’t want to hear the same thing they’ve heard 1,000 times already.

They don’t want the latest algorithm “hack” or script.

Instead, they want clarity and focus. They want to grow their business in a simple, efficient and cost effective way that works for them. To build a freedom-led business which is sustainable, scalable and fun to build.

Basically, they want us to figure out exactly what they should do …and then help them do it.

We call it …

The "FFS Effect"

Since 2017, I have been working with businesses just like yours and there is one problem they all share.

And after coaching over 5,219 people personally, I became an expert in seeing exactly what the problem in your business is, saving you years of heartache …


Take my client (and now friend), Pam, for example.

I first met her in 2019 and she was feeling fed up and frustrated from her business.

She’d had some success …was making pretty good money …but she was tired of having to launch her business again and again and being just one failed launch away from being broke and having to re-start over?!

Can you imagine? Having a business that’s making money and appearing successful but being trapped in a cycle of over spending and negative self doubt. Awful!

She was working 24/7 making more content and trying to bring in extra sales …and it was almost working…but she was close to having a breakdown due to fatigue. She knew this couldn’t last forever (And as a new mum she was desperate to spend more time with her little man)

Anyway – turns out Pam’s “thing” could be fully transferred to running evergreen. Which meant she could earn more profit and spend less hours working.

When we told her she said, “Oh for f*cks sake why couldn’t I see that?”. Hence why we call it the “FFS Effect”.

I helped her uncover the problem, fix it and fast forward to today …she’s completely changed her business model from quarterly launches to 95% of her income made evergreen, she has more revenue than ever, and she has now launched a brand new coaching business as her 4th income stream running completely passively via a membership programme.

She said herself, if it wasn’t for me, none of that would have ever happened.


You’re probably wondering “How are results like this possible?” and “Would this work for me?”. These are great questions and I will answer them now for you.

First of all, this is not like anything you will have seen before.

When creating this programme, it would be fair to say, I ripped up the "how to" marketing playbook. Here's why.

In 2020, I hosted a study to reveal the truth behind marketing and sales to see what was actually happening in businesses all over the world (rather than what we are "told happens" on social media). In total, we had 10,317 business owners take part and the data we secured was gobsmackingly good.

When I tell you, what we discovered transformed the way we thought about sales and marketing, forever. I am not exaggerating.

Let me give you an example of what we learned.

Lesson #1

On average it takes 43 days to sell a mid to hight ticket product or service online.

Lesson #2

98% of businesses do not have a follow up sequence that lasts for longer than 7 days.

Lesson #3

Selling to an "average client" instead of an "ideal client" generated 16x more revenue.


If you're like me, the first few questions in your head might be something like this:

  • Can I trust the data to make an informed decision on my business?
  • Can I use this to improve the quality of my service to my clients?

And both are excellent questions.

But rather then just tell you the answer... I want to show you the huge difference between what you're doing now and what you should be doing based on this new knowledge I'm sharing with you.

So let's take a look at a typical funnel:


Over the years, I have made a considerable amount of money using a simple sales funnel just like this. It worked for webinars, ebooks, quiz funnels and selling everything and anything you can think of; digital courses, memberships, hight ticket coaching, heck I've even sold lipstick using a funnel like this.

Which begs the question.


And it's a fair question, but it doesn't quite paint the full picture of what's happening in the online space right now.

The pressure to build a personal brand, 'show up' every day on social media and get ready for the next big launch is leading many entrepreneurs to give up and quit. I've spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of business owners this year who all tell me the same thing...

... They are bloody exhausted.

Here's the good news.

Evergreen marketing can help you overcome the stress, worry, anxiety and overwhelm you face. The biggest difference between a live launch and evergreen marketing is that live launches rely on scarcity to inspire action. The idea being that when your offer is only available for a limited time, your audience feels compelled to take action pronto. That’s why sales pages and email campaigns for live launches use countdown timers or promote fast-action bonuses and early-bird pricing.

It’s all about getting your audience to BUY NOW, ready or not.

The downside of the scarcity play? It can really piss people off. Whereas with the evergreen model. It is always open and always running and you're always able to accept new clients. Which offers you three major benefits as a business onwer:


Benefit #1

You can scale your business quicker and easier by onboarding leads and clients on a daily basis.

Benefit #2

You can automate your campaign to run 24/7 GIVING YOU MORE TIME FOR YOUR CLIENTS.

Benefit #3

You have a crystal clear structure & system giving you peace of mind and clarity of thought.


You wake up in the morning, and immediately feel excited.

You bound downstairs, put the kettle on, and fire up your laptop.

You check your email, and clock up the new sales that have come in overnight.

Immediately, there’s this sense of calm, mixed with pride, because you know your mortgage, your bills, and all your expenses are paid this month, and, even if you did no more work, you’d still have more than enough to top up the holiday fund, and do fun stuff with the kids.

You head to your email inbox, and see all the messages from potential customers.

After going through them, and politely declining those who’s ‘vibe’ you don’t like, you send off a quick response.

Sounds good.

I’m free on Thursday morning at 11am.

Once you’re signed up I will introduce you to the team and show you how to get started”

Hitting send, you smile, knowing they’ll definitely be good with it, and that’s another customer you can add to your ever-growing list, bringing you money on autopilot, every single month.

That’s the reality of building a business the Easy Peasy way.

I myself haven’t had to cold message a new customer for almost 6 years, because I started working this way.

But no one else seemed to be teaching all of this in one single, easy-to-navigate programme.

Which is what lead me to creating the:


The 90 Day Launch Loop® is an evergreen marketing model that I created in 2020. It allows your business to run 24/7 and 365 days a year. It doesn't require you to hire lots of staff. There are minimal costs to run and maintain your marketing campaigns, you can spend less time on social media and it can provide a better quality of service to your prospects and customers.

"Okay, but what's the catch?"

First of all, I don’t believe in "quick fixes, hacks, secrets or short cut solutions" to grow your business.

I know you're in this for the long term and I want to help you to create something significant during our time working together. I’ve seen multiple people burn through cash hiring coach after coach after coach. All teaching their ‘method’ as the way meaning your business is re-built from scratch every few months and never actually moving forward. You know this already, it takes time to build a business and I want to give you my time, to support and mentor you.

I also believe, a live mastermind support group is the best way for you to accelerate your results. Which is why we’ve made this a group mentorship programme for you… Allowing you to connect with likeminded people and help you to work harder as part of a group with extra accountability to progress to the next level in your business.


As you can see, my group mentorship programme has been created with you in mind.

Like Dawn, when she joined, she needed a quick start to business to begin making money immediately after being let down by multiple coaches in the past. She had 3 sessions with me in the first two weeks of working together… This helped her generate enough revenue in her business to cover her payment for coaching for an entire year.

Dan signed up… In his first call he said he learned more in 45 minutes with me then he had in 12 weeks of coaching with a ‘well known’ coach who he had paid several thousands more to.

Deirdre had huge dreams to launch her very own coaching business alongside her Network Marketing biz. She had been working hard to build her network Marketing business for 4 years and was ready to add an extra income stream to her business but she was unsure of what to do next. In less than a month she created her very first coaching offer… In just a few days she became a fully booked (and in demand) life coach after just 1 launch earning her several thousands.

Vera wanted to become a fully booked hair and makeup artist to help sell her products. She had been getting her daughter to use social media to advertise her work on her behalf as she didn’t have a clue where to start. Imagine that … her 13 year old daughter was having to show her what to do. Through our time together she learnt clear, easy to follow steps that doubled her makeup business revenue in a matter of months.

After 2 years Katie’s business was generating zero revenue and she’d built up a huge credit card debt. Just 12 months later she was making nearly £10,000 a month. She told me she had learnt more practical, hands-on tools than when she received her PHD but was never taught how to run a profitable business. Now, she is able to work from home and control her own schedule which is particularly valuable as she has a 7 month old and an 7 year old.

They Wanted To Be Successful But Couldn’t Figure It Out

You may have noticed they all had one thing in common.

They wanted to be successful but couldn’t figure out how. Their willingness was there. So too was the effort and financial investment. It wasn’t for lack of trying on their part that’s for sure.

After they began working with me… Within weeks they all achieved incredible, life-changing results by taking action from my advice.


I've said this before and I'll say it again. This is not a quick fix solution and as you’d quite rightly expect – Our paying clients who put more time, energy and effort in to this get the best results.

Don’t get me wrong, my team and I have done everything we can to make your experience working together with us as enjoyable as can be! But this stuff will take work and I will push you to become a better marketer and business owner.

I know I can be transparent with you, because you're like me. Tired of the BS out there and instead, you are ready for something that actually works!

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss today …


“What Would You Pay To Access And Take Part On The No Holds Barred Discussions Of Arguably The Most Elite And Extraordinary Business People Ever Assembled In One Place, At One Time?”

"Danny shares all the resources needed there and then and sets you up for the task ahead, then keeps you accountable."

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 12.51.22

"Already, just a few weeks in, the quality of the content we've created, is way better than I had hoped for originally"

"I highly recommend Danny, his methods and approach, treating me as an individual in my journey has been amazing"

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 13.16.04

"I didn’t want to be stuck in the perpetual hamster wheel relying on social media for organic reach only. "

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 13.18.55


If it is, I can help you. But I must tell you everything else first.

Creating a freedom-led based business so you can work when you want, how you want and with who you want – isn’t as easy as it looks. And this programme will require your absolute commitment to both me and yourself.

This is why, for this to really work, I need to work with you for a minimum of 6 months. If you’re still interested, let me tell you more … Here’s what I’ve got.

My entire focus in this programme, is helping you to create a business which gives you freedom and happiness whilst doing something you absolutely love.  What I will reveal to you is proven-to-work and the BIGGEST secret to elevating your income… and your lifestyle.

Listen, when you’re part of my elite group, we’ll pour all of our money-making wisdom and skills into you and as you achieve greater success …

You see, once you get in a situation where you surround yourself with the right people, who have the right information and the timing is right as well, the right things happen for you.

*Important Note: These are PRACTICAL STRATEGIES YOU CAN USE instantly, not just “ideas.”

Make no mistake, this group mentorship programme is jam-packed with THOUSANDS of practical tips, strategies, and systems showing you exactly how to build a successful business online.

Plus, you’ll get access to a very specific blueprint I have used to personally generate millions in my career and generated my clients multiple millions in revenue in their respective industry with evergreen marketing.

Who knows what’ll happen to you as you listen in, learn and take action with elite level business owners who know how to attract, engage and convert their dream clients using evergreen marketing.

You’ll connect with like-minded people who are earning the money you want, who’ve been through the experiences that you need to go through…

…And on top of that, by being a member of our mentorship programme, you’ll also get access to entire team, who have already gone ahead and created every email, funnel, landing page, thumbnail, lead magnet and more you'll ever need. Plus, there’s literally HUNDREDS of training videos on anything you want to know to build your online business!

Things like:

Over 200+ email templates to swipe and use in to your very own 90 Day Launch Loop® campaign.

Beautifully designed lead magnets; eBooks, webinars, quiz funnels and 5 day challenges for you to swipe and use.

1,978 (and counting) landing page designs and templates you can download and use with a single click.

Unlimited websites and funnels built using our Easy Peasy Business® hosting at no extra cost to you or your team.


All of it is inside our beautifully designed and easy to use platform.

See, I have spent 7 years pulling together the very best in systems, experts and trainings and bringing it all together in one place to make your life to the top as pain-free as it can possibly be with the 90 Day Launch Loop®. My signature programme is going to show you how to…

  • Build your entire 90 Day Launch Loop® evergreen marketing system step by step.
  • Provide you with Done For You tech, tools and templates (at no extra cost) to create, build and launch your evergreen marketing system.
  • Introduce you to the biggest names in the online space who are crushing it right now (you'll be amazed who some of our clients include).
  • The top 12 lead generation strategies this year you need to grow your authority on social media (this is the best bang for your buck if you want quality leads for dirt cheap)
  • How to laser target your audience (only talk to the BEST leads out there… no broke prospects) with your evergreen system.
  • And much much more.

"When you get started today with my 90 Day Launch Loop® programme, you get to join an exclusive and international group of Top Level Leaders while also getting access to our live training and support."

You’ll become a master of evergreen sales and marketing, and learn a skill that has the potential to transform the results of your businesses, and pay you handsomely for doing so.

It’s a live group mentorship programme, offering you the best of both worlds. You'll receive immediate access to my my entire programme, including pre-recorded trainings and done for you tech, tools and templates.

Next, you'll be introduced to your support group. These groups are capped to 10 people only and ensures  the right mix of collaboration, accountability and personal connection with me and my team.

The live coaching session is hosted on Zoom once a fortnight, designed to take you from a 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' type, to the top of your industry, living a life of total locational, time, and financial freedom.

As you can see, we have included everything you need to create not only a successful evergreen marketing, but a truly successful, freedom-led business.

But there's a lot, so let me recap-


2 hour strategy session to "map out" your 90 day evergreen marketing funnel.

Live Mastermind Coaching Call twice a month hosted by Danny Clarke for six months.

Accountability and support group with direct access to Danny Clarke and his support team on WhatsApp.

24/7 access to the Easy Peasy Business® tech support team via email and support ticket.

100+ Email templates to personalise for your 90 Day Launch Loop®

A range of ebook designs and templates created in Canva for you to download and edit.

Pre-built webinar slide decks to promote a range of products and services for PowerPoint, Keynote and Canva.

Over 10,000+ social media templates for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Stories created with Canva.

226 pre-built website designs and themes for WordPress.

1,978 done for you landing page designs for WordPress.

Over 195 pre-built chat bot funnels for use with Facebook messenger, Instagram and WordPress.

Hosting for unlimited websites and funnels on our Easy Peasy Business® hosting.

Lifetime access to the Easy Peasy Business® Network.

Blueprint Library Of 30+ Proven Sales Funnels

Access to our cloud-based funnel mapping, planning, strategy & simulation tool for Revenue & Profit projections

*We believe this gives you everything you need to create, build and launch your 90 Day Launch Loop® but just in case it isn't... we promise to make any marketing tool you need to help build your evergreen marketing system. All you need to do is ask and my team will make it happen for you!

Here's the thing...

You become the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with. Most of the folks who work with me are now (or soon will be) 6-Figure or 7-Figure earners.

I am asking you to hang out with us.

Will you?

Let me be your circle of influence and I will give you my insider strategies and techniques and hold nothing back – my #1 mission is to help you consistently crush past 6 figures and beyond.

All I ask is that you join us.

Right about now, you may well be wondering how much this programme costs to join.

Well, let me ask you a question …



Of course it would. That's a no brainer, right? Our private consultancy clients pay this when we build out their entire sales and marketing system - like what we're about to teach you to do. What would it be worth to have a skill you know... will never leave you struggling for business?

How about the ability to confidently sell, so you have true financial freedom, and get paid multiple times for every sale you do?

Or even just a nice little ‘side hustle’ that pays you more than most folks earn in a year.

I’ll be honest, for me, the money is almost secondary to the freedom and lifestyle you get when you can build a successful online business with evergreen marketing, and know exactly where to find (and how to attract) the people who happily buy your products and join your team

I’m sure you’d agree that’d be worth a lot.

The bottom line is – Your investment in this programme is less than you can earn with just a couple extra clients.

But here’s the good news –

You can sign up now today for just £2,500 now.

That’s roughly £48.07 per week, spread over the next year.

To put it another way –

You have zero excuses to not join.

And look, if you join, take part in the live trainings, take action on all I teach, and after 6 months you haven't made your investment back, I will refund you your entire investment back plus give you another £500 back from my own pocket. I am that confident it works.

When you put it like that, it should be clear to see how, with the right attitude and the right mindset, anyone who’s truly committed to scaling their business the right way, can get into profit on their initial investment, rather quickly.

More than that though, think about the kind of lifestyle this provides.

The freedom to travel …

The removal of financial stress …

The pride and excitement of picking and choosing your work, and getting amazing results for ‘big hitters’ in various industries …

The way friends and family see you, now you’re the one with the cool job, who treats their family, and who gets to work for themselves, on their own terms. Who never has to answer to a boss, drive to an office, and can earn thousands from their bed, in their underwear, if they want to.

It’s cliche to say, but it’s hard to put a price on that.


GUARANTEE that you can’t accomplish big things, if you keep doing small things.

I also GUARANTEE that results don’t come if you don’t put in the work necessary!

…Here’s what else I GUARANTEE you…

GUARANTEE, this is the smartest approach to evergreen marketing on the market!

I also GUARANTEE that if you keep doing what you’re doing right now – nothing will ever change.

Not your bank account.

Not your lifestyle.

Not your circle of influence.


And just like how there’s 2 kinds of people,

Now you must choose between 2 options.

Think of it like the matrix.

You can take the blue pill, stay in the matrix and your story ends.

You’ll go about your life the same way you always have and believe what you’ve always believed.


You can take the red pill, stay in wonderland, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

My signature programme will show you how to experience real freedom, real influence and real results by leveraging evergreen marketing and my 90 Day Launch Loop® system.

The next step is up to you…

There’s Only 2 Options Left Now…

Option #1: You can take everything you read on this page and say “thanks but no thanks” and keep going on with your normal sales, normal life, normal friends and normal bank account.

There’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s where you want to be.

My signature programme is reserved for folks wanting to push past their limits and reach their full potential with evergreen marketing.

Option #2: You can do what 100s of other smart professionals have already done.

You can take the next logical step forward, join my 1-1 coaching programme, claim more than £8,900.00 in FREE bonuses and level up your life.

You’ll be part of an elite group with a marketing system less than 0.1% of the world use, learning lead generation techniques, closing tactics and other insider strategies without holding anything back.

Click the button you see on this page and get started right now.

I am very selective as to who I want in my signature programme and I can’t promise that I will be accepting new members for much longer.

So, if you’re even slightly interested in joining, don’t put this off!

Make the smart business move and take immediate action right now by clicking the button on this page to join my signature group programme before something else “pops up” on your computer (or phone).

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Click the button on this page and join now!




Just in case I haven't made it clear what you'll get working together. This is it. Know exactly how to scale your business online via evergreen marketing, so you never struggle to earn more, work less and generate online customer sales.

• Be able to sell on auto-pilot, in a way that’s fun, humorous, and laid back, so you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of customers being in ‘witness protection’, and instead, get a – “Sounds good, when can I start” – time after time.

• Have a full-time business (or even a side hustle,) that brings in as much as £10,000+ per month, working from your laptop, from your favourite coffee shop, your home office, or even some swanky beach bar, or posh hotel lobby.

• Give the best possible life to your family, treat your friends, and even be able to financially look after loved ones and parents, should they need it.

• Travel wherever and whenever you like. Provided you have a laptop and a WiFi connection, you’re open for business.

• Connect with a growing group of freedom-seeking entrepreneurs, and be a part of our thriving community.

It truly is a 'next level solution’ and no stone is left unturned.

This really is all you need to go from just someone who hopes to be successful to making it a reality with the help of evergreen marketing and Launch Loops®.


We don’t regret the things we did do, rather we regret the things we didn’t do, and wish we had.”

I’m not a quotes guy, but that one rings true to me, and perhaps it does for you, too.

There’s little worse than looking back at an opportunity that you passed up, and thinking “What if …?”

One route you can go down is to do nothing. To not sign up. To spend the cost of this investment on something else.

That’s definitely a choice.

But that likely means nothing changes today. You continue on as you are. Which is fine – if you have freedom, no financial worries, and a business that provides regular revenue, month after month, after month, there’s probably no need for you to enrol to Simplify and scale Your Business.

But the other route you can go down is to take a zero risk chance on mastering a skill and having the type of business that so many dream of.

Don’t let doubt hold you back from what could be.

Don’t look back in years to come with regrets that you chose not to invest.

Take a chance on me and let me prove to you that you can do this, and be a successful entrepreneur, earning great money and living life on your terms.

If you’ve got this far, I’m sure you have what it takes.

Are you?

To sign up simply click the button below, follow the simple instructions on the page and you’ll have immediate access.

Will you be a victim of doubt…

…or take a chance on yourself, and a chance of changing your business, your life, and having true time, locational, and financial freedom?



Yes. You can choose to make a one off payment of £2500 or 12 monthly payment of £250.

Our next group programme begins July 15th.

Yes and no. It costs money to build your business and we will discuss software, ad campaigns, marketing materials etc that all come at an additional cost to your business.

However, there are no 'hidden' costs or fees to pay to unlock any of the training and support on offer from Danny and Easy Peasy Business® except for 1-1 consultancy or if you hire our Agency for a DFY project.

When you register for this programme, you'll get instant access to our incredible membership site, which includes bite-sized training videos and done for you tech, tools and templates. Everything is easy peasy to follow, and actionable.

After enrolment, you will be invited to join your 6 month support group to meet your accountability partners and your live zoom sessions.