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Hey, it’s Liz here. In today’s blog I want to share with you what happens when you book your brand photography session with us. Whether that’s for a quick headshot to freshen up your portfolio and social media or you need the full works; location, wardrobe, models, content creation… we got you.

Step One: Our Brand Photography Process

You’ve seen our work & like what you see, but what now? Simply drop us a message and we can arrange to chat on the phone. This is an opportunity for you to tell us a bit about yourself, your business & what you are hoping to achieve during your shoot.

We will talk to you about our work and the shoot process. There are a number of different options available & sometimes it may seem overwhelming until we’ve talked about your own requirements.

Because no two clients and no two photoshoots are the same, we offer a personalised service & customise every session to meet your needs. There is however a basic outline that goes into each session. From portrait, to commercial, and everything in between, A photoshoot with us is an investment in your business. Once you’ve decided that the Easy Peasy team are for you, a 50% booking fee is required to secure your booking.

We will then then send you a booking confirmation and discuss the details and process going forward. We will also give you a copy of our ‘how to prepare’ guide which includes lots of helpful advice on preparing to be photographed.

Then it’s the fun bit – planning your shoot!

We usually do this on Pinterest. We wrote an article here all about > PLANNING AND PREPARING FOR YOUR PHOTOSHOOT

During the planning, I ask you to share a little about your brand vision, personality & values alongside any images that inspire you. The pre-shoot planning stage is very much a collaboration between both of us. This is YOUR shoot & so your input is important. Please ask as many questions as you need.

Things to consider during the planning stage;

  • Location – Where will the shoot take place? 
  • Clothing – What will you wear?
  • Styling – Do you want professional hair & makeup? I always stress hair and makeup to my clients. Women and Men. I promise you the time and money spent will be worth it. 

Step Two: The Day Of The Brand Photography Shoot

Take into consideration the day/night before. Make sure you take care of yourself so you feel your best on the day. We’ve got an earlier post on tips for the day of >ON THE DAY PHOTO TIPS<

When you first arrive we’ll get you situated with your outfits hung up and lightly steamed if need be. Traveling with a suitcase, while a must can sometimes crush clothing. Luckily there’s plenty of time for the outfits to air out and hang as we move to hair and makeup. On the day of your shoot, please be on time, or perhaps even ten minutes early so that you arrive calm & relaxed. We will let you know how much time we need to set up. If you’re having your hair & makeup done, allow around 90 minutes for this. 


Once you’re dressed & made up we’ll grab a coffee & start with a quick run-down of how your shoot will unfold. It’s often the unexpected that people are apprehensive about. This rundown will ensure we are both clear as to what we are doing, when & how. We will also plan for your clothing changes. Whether you’re going for one look or multiple outfits, always plan to bring a few extras choices with you. Materials, patterns and jewellery all show up a little different in front of the camera. A selection allows us to hand pick and craft that image to perfection.

Being in front of the camera is the easiest part.

During the shoot we will start off by giving some direction to ensure you are in the most flattering light & position. We will guide & direct you as & when needed but don’t be afraid to sit, stand & move without our direction. If something doesn’t look right on camera, we will tell you.

Our overall aim for your shoot is for it to be relaxed & enjoyable. This will result in photos that are natural, authentic and reflects the real you. We will show some of the early images so that you can visualise the concept, readjust and give your feedback, but as a rule, we don’t show every photo as stoping to show you the back of the camera disrupts the natural flow of the shoot.

Just like the planning phase, the shoot is a collaboration so please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.


Step Three: After Your Shoot – Proofing and Image Delivery

At the end of your shoot, we will review your plan & brief to make sure we have captured everything. You go home and relax, we go home & start processing your photos! It usually takes two weeks from shoot to photo delivery.

Depending on your timeline and any deadlines that need to be met, on average our turnaround time to our proofing session is two weeks. During that time between the shoot and proofing, we’re working hard culling through non desirable images, colour correcting and cropping the best ones. When your gallery is ready to view we will email you log-in details to your gallery.

This is a private gallery. Only people you give the log-in details to will be able to view your photos. In your gallery, you can compare images and select your favourites. The number of digital photos included depends on which package you chose. You can also purchase additional digital photos. Once your favourites are selected we spend retouching and refining the images before final delivery.


Knowing the process to your photoshoot can help calm any pre-shoot anxieties & nerves. There’s so much more that goes into a session here at Easy Peasy Media. As no two clients are the same, no two session are either. This is a mere glimpse into what your session will look like. Our muse is you and we can’t wait to get you in front of the camera!

Still a little apprehensive? Curious to learn more? Click here to get in touch & let’s have a chat today.

Much Love,


PS. Tired of scrolling through Instagram wishing you could get creative? Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to capture easy snapshots without leaving your house. From backdrops to looks, here are 53 at-home photoshoot ideas to sprinkle some fun into your feed creative ideas for your home.

Click to download our guide

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