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Easy Peasy Business offers strategic marketing advice and insight for any size of business, offering support at a strategic level and combining marketing expertise with business acumen to help organisations succeed in achieving their objectives.

We understand, building a business is tough. Our consultancy services will help navigate you through the potential pitfalls of building a fully automated business and help you to create the perfect business model to allow you to grow and scale your income.

Content creation

Content Marketing is a strategy that offers many benefits to meet an organisation's marketing goals, including improving brand awareness, delivering web traffic, engaging and growing audiences, generating sales leads, and changing brand perceptions.

Let us help you to attract and engage your dream customers every single day on social media with carefully curated content that our professional copywriting and design team create for you. Available ad hoc or monthly.

Sales Funnel & Membership

Owning your very own piece of land on the Internet is a great way to automate your online business. But let's get real for a moment. The tech knowledge required to build your own website, funnel and membership (even if you use templates or some form of code-free building tool) is really hard. Never mind the time it takes. Plus, you could do all of that and it still generate you zero sales because it wasn't set up with a sales and marketing ecosystem in mind. If you need help with this, we got you.

Or, if you prefer to start things a little slower with us become a member of Easy Peasy Business and get access to daily coaching, support and tools you need to build your business.