Quick Guide on Choosing the Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Wondering which email marketing tool is the best to use? 

It’s a common question among business owners, and that’s why you’re here! 

The market is filled with email marketing software options, so the real question is which tool is the best fit for your business.

Remember, choosing the right email marketing tool is vital because it can make your life as an entrepreneur much easier! 

It automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and saves you valuable time and effort. 

Moreover, it allows you to personalize your messages for specific groups, creating a more personal and engaging email experience.

The goal is to assist you in deciding which email marketing tool suits your business needs. 

Hey, just a quick reminder!

Jot down the reasons why you require an email marketing tool.

In this article, you are going to check out some super cool email marketing tools that business owners love. 

You’ll find out about their awesome features and also give you some things to think about.

Let’s get started!


Mailchimp is a user-friendly marketing tool that lets you craft and personalise your email campaigns. 

It has handy automation features to make your email workflow smoother, just like those other email marketing tools. 

But that’s not all! 

With Mailchimp, you can also organise your email subscriber list into groups based on specific criteria using their nifty segmentation functionality. 

This means you can send tailored and meaningful emails to each group.

Right! You want your subscribers to feel extra special and boost the impact of your email campaigns. 

And guess what? 

Mailchimp goes the extra mile by offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities as part of its platform. 

It’s like having a friendly assistant to help you manage and nurture your customer relationships. 

Of course, it has great features like a landing page builder, A/B testing for campaign optimisation, reporting and analytics to track performance, and integration with other tools and platforms. 

However, it’s worth noting that Mailchimp may be overwhelming for beginners, and it has strict email content policies. 

Customisation options for templates may also be somewhat limited, and its primary focus is on email marketing rather than extensive multi-channel marketing capabilities.


Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue) has undergone a rebranding, expanding its offerings beyond email campaigns to provide a wide array of features. 

It now serves as a comprehensive CRM suite that equips you with a complete sales and marketing toolkit.

Gone are the days when email was the sole reliance for marketing efforts. 

With Brevo’s integrated CRM, you can run marketing campaigns and send messages through SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, and push notifications.

All of these options are easily accessible within Brevo’s user-friendly interface.

Brevo goes a step further by offering precise audience segmentation, allowing you to target your messages to the right people. 

You can also deliver personalized content to create tailored experiences, building stronger connections with your audience.

Brevo also provides A/B testing to optimize them and send time optimization to ensure your messages are seen at the most opportune moments. 

Additionally, the platform offers an intuitive drag-and-drop email editor and a selection of fully responsive templates.

When considering Brevo, it’s important to keep in mind that their chat and phone support services are exclusively available with the $65 plan.

Moreover, Brevo may not be the best choice if you require multiple logins with varying user access levels. 

Only their Business and Enterprise plans offer the capability to set up logins for multiple users.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides a diverse array of features to elevate your email marketing endeavors.

Similar to the two email marketing tools above…

You can take advantage of its customizable email templates to create professional-looking campaigns. 

Its contact management tools help you easily organize and segment your audience for targeted messaging. 

Constant Contact’s automation workflows enable you to set up automated email sequences based on triggers and actions, saving you time and effort. 

But of course, Constant Contact won’t allow it to be left behind. 

Certainly! They have these amazing features that will give them a spotlight in the market!

It has an event management feature that allows you to create and promote events.

Plus, its social media integration helps you extend your reach and engage with your audience across various platforms.

Email marketing tools have undergone revamp nowadays.

Yes, Constant Contact also has a drag-and-drop landing page builder. 

Their features are absolutely amazing, no doubt about it! 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that they do have their limitations.

The customization options for email campaign templates in Constant Contact may be somewhat restricted, limiting your ability to create highly unique designs.

It primarily focuses on email marketing, which may be limited if you need more diverse marketing channels or advanced automation capabilities beyond email.

In such cases, exploring alternative platforms or tools might be necessary.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign offers a “comprehensive” set of features to power your email marketing and automation efforts. 

The competition is fierce, and everything strives to stand out!

This tool also includes email campaign creation.

Hey, you won’t believe it! 

This tool goes beyond just creating email campaigns. 

It has an advanced automation workflow.

It’s got something really cool up its sleeve! 

Their email template builder has a drag-and-drop interface, and you can even personalize customer journeys with conditional logic. 

Plus, they’ve got split testing within workflows to help you optimize your campaigns.

This tool also rocks at contact management. 

You can easily segment your contacts, dive into in-depth reporting and analytics, and stay on top of your game. 

This software is absolutely incredible!

However, it does come with a little “but” that’s worth considering.

Well, It’s important to have all the facts before making a fair judgment.

The abundance of functionality may require some time and effort to fully understand and utilize it effectively. 

Users who are new to email marketing or have limited technical expertise might find the initial setup and navigation slightly challenging.


MailerLite offers “user-friendly features” for effective email marketing. 

Their easy-to-use interface makes it a great email marketing software for beginners.

You can customize email campaigns, design landing pages, set up automation workflows, and segment your audience for targeted messaging. 

They provide an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, pre-designed templates, and A/B testing capabilities. 

MailerLite also offers reporting and analytics to track campaign performance and integrations with various third-party tools.

You’re spot on! It shares the same fantastic features as other email marketing tools out there.

However, there are a few important things to keep in mind as well.

Their free plan is limited in terms of subscriber count and certain features.

So you may need to upgrade to a paid plan for more extensive functionality. 

Unlike the other email marketing tools, MailerLite has limited customizable features. 

The extent of reporting and marketing automation options offered by MailerLite may be considered somewhat limited by some users.

You may be curious about the absence of price discussion in this article.

Just to emphasize this…

The goal here is to help you decide which email marketing tool to use for your business.

You wouldn’t like to use affordable or expensive packages, and the inclusion doesn’t fit your business needs. 

The decision is in your hands! 

Feel free to explore the offerings of their free and premium plans and choose the one that suits you best.

Hey, to make the most of your time while reading this…

Check this additional information to help you decide which email marketing tool to use for your business. 

Does email deliverability matter?


It determines whether your emails successfully reach your recipients’ inboxes or end up in spam folders. 

High deliverability ensures that your messages have the best chance of reaching your audience and achieving your marketing goals. 

So, yes, email deliverability definitely matters!

89% is considered a good email deliverability rate and anything above 95% is excellent. 

Your email marketing tool must have an email tester and use different email deliverability checkers to test them. 

Does that sound complicated? 

Well, that depends on the tool that you choose to use. 

Multiple factors can contribute to emails getting caught in spam filters. 

Don’t worry! There are plenty of methods to address this issue.

Choosing an email marketing tool that is easy to use, highly customizable, and offers 24/7 customer support is highly recommended. 

This way, you can navigate through any challenges with ease and without feeling overwhelmed.

Can you believe it’s actually possible to find all these incredible features in a single tool?

Let me introduce you to a fantastic tool called Easy Peasy Funnels

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This tool empowers you to effortlessly focus on particular segments with just a few clicks.

You can tailor your email marketing campaigns and messages to better resonate with each segment’s unique needs and interests. 

Right! It will help you to streamline your processes.

And here’s the best part of it all.

You can effortlessly create sleek and captivating email templates with minimal effort!

Oh, and let’s not forget about A/B testing to improve your deliverability.

Now, you have the ability to test up to six different versions of an email campaign using your recipient list.

By experimenting with multiple variations, you gain insights that assist in crafting content that truly connects with your audience, compelling them to take action.

When someone claims perfection, it can raise some doubts. 

Easy Peasy Funnels is the real deal! 

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It’s going to blow your mind!

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