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Hey, my name is Danny

I’m an online business strategist who helps ambitious entrepreneurs to create a 90 day sales and marketing ecosystem that allows you to work just one hour a day. I call this the 90 Day Launch Loop®


Now before your BS detector goes off, I want to make something really clear here. This is not a quick fix solution and as you’d quite rightly expect – Our paying clients who put more time, energy and effort in to this tend to get the best results.

Don’t get me wrong, we put out tonnes of free content that really helps a lot of people. In fact, we happily share for free how you can create your very own sales and marketing ecosystem.

Such as:


But you’re here because you are smart. You are ready to scale and simplify your business to take a significant step closer to achieving your goals and dreams - and you want to do this in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss today …


Before we talk about your business. I want to share with you my motivation to help others create a life of true freedom. On Wednesday, 7th December 2016 I came to the logical conclusion to end my life.

Due to a business venture in financial services collapsing and my self worth being through the floor, I wrote a pros and cons list to staying alive and figured, I was better off dead.

Look, if you know me, you know I'm not one for a sob story - to even mention this feels strange for me. But, just imagine for a second, your sense of self worth being so low, your contribution to your community, heck even your family and kids being so insignificant you woke up one day and thought “Yep, today’s the day I end the pain”.

That was me.

But hitting rock bottom in my day job (whilst I was self employed and has been for several years I was working under the umbrella of someone else's company) meant my plan B had to become my plan A.

There really was nothing else for me. After a deep heart to heart with my wife, I realised I had to stop suppressing my true desires in life and go ‘all in’ on building my own business.

After making that decision (having been scared to fully back myself for years because of the risk of failure and frankly just not believing in myself enough), in the last 5 years since then, I’ve managed to get to the level where –

  • Earned enough money to be able to fully retire from a successful 10 year career in financial services
  • I  travelled around the world non-stop for 11 months with my wife and 3 children
  • Launched  my first coaching business, The VIP Life, in 2017. We helped over 120,000 clients, across 74 countries and generated over 7 figures in revenue digitally.
  • Spoke on stage at some of the biggest online marketing events in the world in Las Vegas, Dallas and London.
  • Helped clients generate hundreds of millions in additional sales revenue (The number is now so big we’ve stopped keeping count).
  • Over 19,000 people have completed our premium training courses and coaching programs.
  • We hosted some of the biggest Virtual Summits in the world, with guest speakers, such as; Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, Phil Jones and Dan Meredith
  • We get to pick and choose our work, our hours, who we work with, travel frequently, and never stress over money.

I’ve got to be honest, I still feel a little embarrassed writing down all of the things my wife and I have achieved. Feels a bit like we are showing off.

But I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you just how life-changing having the right business model can be. Because I am just an ordinary guy. If I can do this, so can you.

But, there’s a problem …


I remember being at a big marketing convention in early 2016.

Before I had even really got started, I was ready to quit. I even wrote in my diary:

“I’ve been at this weeks. How long is this gonna take to work out? 

It just feels relentless. I keep pushing and pushing trying to do my very best but it just doesn’t work. Why is this so hard! 

I am go grateful for the training events and motivational videos on Youtube to help me keep my faith. If it wasn’t for them I would have given up. I seem so close, yet so far away. I keep seeing success stories, so I know it's possible but it is like there is some secret that I am not understanding. Or maybe I just don’t have ‘it’ and I am not good enough. Perhaps I should get a real job.

These people on stage are great, but they’re not like me. I have 3 kids and a wife and another business. If I was single, and had all this extra free time, I could do what they’ve done. I want so much for my wife and kids to see me succeed at this. I want to allow my wife to stop doing makeup jobs at the weekends. I know she loves it, but to see her come back so tired and stressed, knowing she is missing out on family time with the kids makes me feel so angry and frustrated.

Between our kids, our jobs and our side business, we hardly have any time for each other at all. If I could just create a shift and figure this out, everything would change for me.

On most day’s I doubt myself and whether I’m ever able to make this work. There’s part of me that knows deep, deep down I can figure this out and make it work. I’ll be able to live like the leaders in our company and I’ll be able to help so many. I want to help other people so bad it makes me want to cry.

But I can’t even make it a success for me and my family right now, let alone anyone else.”

These were the exact words I wrote in my diary in 2016. This might surprise you to hear –

I know what it’s like to want to succeed so badly, to believe in what you’re doing.. Only to be falling flat on your face at every turn.

See, I was naturally good at entrepreneurship (or so I thought). I’d worked in sales for several years, had somewhat the ‘gift of gab’ and didn’t mind facing rejection.

Trouble was, I couldn’t get in to any kind of rhythm.

Every month I could find 2 or 3 clients but as fast as people signed up, the others were quitting …

People all around me were having success so I started to worry I wasn’t good enough. Perhaps I just don’t have the time, skills and patience.

I could see the potential but I wanted to earn money right now. Earning £10,000 a month in 3-5 years times just seemed so far away.

I see this all the time now:

People desperate to succeed, who struggle to get (and keep) customers.

And those who have no clear plan how to market or sell whatsoever, and so tend to rely on old school tactics like copy and paste messaging, giving value in groups, going live every day with almost zero results.

It's no wonder most entrepreneurs end up broke, deflated and eventually quit because they just cannot see how to make a success of their business.

Here’s the thing. (And what I tell my clients.)

Most entrepreneurs are going about business all wrong.

But, rather than simply tell you that the old way of business is broken, I’d rather tell you why. To present my case, and show you exactly why, no matter how much you study, practice and soak up, working long hours every day, is destined to fail.

Myth #1: Fortune Is In The Follow Up

For years, every sales trainer on the planet has said "Fortune is in the follow up". And it makes sense. The more you follow up with someone, the greater likelihood of converting that person in to a sale.

Historical sales training says that 7 to 12 follow ups are required to generate a sale. But this is as out of date as dial up internet. A recent study by Google analytics say it can be as many as 26 exposures to a product / service before someone makes a buying decision.

But let's dig a little deeper to see if this approach actually works.

In 2020, we hosted a marketing study with 2,232 entrepreneurs taking part. The results shocked us.

We found that 98% of people do not and will not follow up more than 3 times with a potential customer. The most common reason why give was - business owners now wanting to "bother" their customers. That's a real problem.

But, let's for a minute just pretend that we live in a perfect world and you do in fact follow up, 7 to 12 times, with every customer. On average, this would mean spending 2.5 hours with every customer, before they even buy from you. Let's say, conservatively you closed 50% of those sales and the rest of your day was spent actually doing the "day job".

You would be generating 10-15 customers a month. Which is pretty good if you're selling cars maybe, or houses. But a £7 ebook or £49 digital course? Meh, not so much.

And what about if you wanted to scale? It would be almost impossible because of the time needed to generate more sales.

So, how about using social media to build an audience - that could work...


Myth #2: Build an audience on social media

Back in 2017, I was one of the world's leading social media coaches. There was nothing I did not know when it came to Facebook and Instagram. In fact, I was recognised on a handful of occasions as being in the "top 5 social media coaches" in the world. Which is mad!

In fact, from just one FB group I generated over £500,000 in sales in just one single year. It's fair to say, I rode the wave of the biggest trend at that time.

But then the algorithm changed which meant less of my group members saw my content. And then it changed again, and again, and again. Until hardly anyone saw my content.

And so, it meant that me, my clients and pretty much everyone using social media got stuck on the social media "hamster wheel". Needing to put more and more time in to just maintain the status quo. even worse, you are putting your business completely in the hands of the social media Gods. An algorithm change, or worse, an account being disabled or hacked could kill your business overnight.

Knowing that risk and having to spend so much time on social media, meant this model was no longer sustainable.

And putting business to one side, OMG, there is more to life then just being on bloody social media all day. Studies have shown the hugely negative impact social media can have on us.

And do you really want to be pointing to stuff on TikTok still in 20 years time, or would you like a plan that allows you to make your money, enjoy your life and have an exit strategy in the future?

Well, the best way to do that is to automate your business, right?

Well, let's take a look at that.

Myth #3: Build an email list

In late 2020, we opened a Digital Media & Marketing Agency to help build Sales and Marketing systems for our clients. So many people were asking for our help, it seemed like an obvious thing to do.

As we spoke to more people about the help they needed - what we discovered shocked us.

Over an 8 month period, we had 967 potential clients complete a simple quiz. One of the questions asked was "Do you have an email automation that lasts longer than 7 days?".

98% of people answered no.

We discovered, everyone was so busy jumping on the next big marketing trend and promoting the next big thing they simply forgot the basics of business.

Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every $1 spent. Email marketing makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. That's a higher return than you can expect from any other form of marketing - digital or otherwise.

And over 70% of that revenue is generated by automated email campaigns, not manual.

Did you know, that over 80% of sales occur between 30 and 60 days? Less than 20% occurs in the first 7 days.

But the bigger problem for you, 98% of the market is competing for that slim 20% of your industries total revenue and 2% of the market are enjoying a huge 80% share.

Most people are using email as an extension of their social media. In many cases, they're just re-purposing their social content in to email content or vice versa.

And as you will have gathered, that's nothing better than 'luck marketing'.

And the funny thing is, both ways are hard work. It's not like you're choosing easier option, simply a smarter one.

And with organic social media requiring more of your time and ad costs increasing, you need to get more "bang for your buck". Which means maximising the potential of every lead that comes in to your business.

So what if you could create your own system so that you could have more success? Not only is it possible, we are showing our Easy Peasy clients how to.

In fact, let me tell you about –


Picture this:

You wake up in the morning, and immediately feel excited.

You bound downstairs, put the kettle on, and fire up your laptop.

You check your email, and clock up the new sales that have come in overnight.

Immediately, there’s this sense of calm, mixed with pride, because you know your mortgage, your bills, and all your expenses are paid this month, and, even if you did no more work, you’d still have more than enough to top up the holiday fund, and do fun stuff with the kids.

You head to your email inbox, and see all the messages from potential customers.

After going through them, and politely declining those who’s ‘vibe’ you don’t like, you send off a quick response.

Sounds good.

I’m free on Thursday morning at 11am.

Once you’re signed up I will introduce you to the team and show you how to get started”

Hitting send, you smile, knowing they’ll definitely be good with it, and that’s another customer you can add to your ever-growing list, bringing you money on autopilot, every single month.

That’s the reality of building a business the Easy Peasy way.

I myself haven’t had to cold message a new customer for almost 6 years, because I started working this way.

When you have the trifecta of –

1. The perfect Lead Gen system to attract your dream customers

2. Tried-and-tested templates, Done For You Marketing campaigns and Pre-Built Sales Funnels that allow you to ‘drag n drop’ your way to the top of your industry saving you hours of wasted time and expensive mistakes, trying to figure it out.

3. A support framework created to show you how to grow and scale your business, answer your questions, keep you accountable and connect you with likeminded folk …

Then you can have a true ‘freedom-led business,’ and a lifestyle and income that allows you to travel whenever you like, give your family everything they could ever want and need, and sleep easy at night, knowing money is never an issue.

But no one else seemed to be teaching all of this in one single, easy-to-navigate programme.

Which is what lead us to this:


This is the only programme out there, designed to help business owners scale up – from complete beginners who’ve never earned more then a few hundred quid, right up to experienced business owners earning multiple 6-figures – ready to scale their efforts, to work less, earn more, and live the ‘Easy Peasy’ lifestyle.


What’s more, it’s designed to do this –

Even if you’ve never made a sale before

Even if you’re a natural introvert (like me)

Even if you’re worried about asking someone to buy your product (when you have zero results to prove this works) …

Without any complicated tech …

And in a way that’s 100% ethical, straightforward, and even fun.


You’ll become a master of both sales and marketing, and learn a skill that has the potential to transform the results of businesses the world over, and pay you handsomely for doing so.

It’s a coaching and mentorship programme, done fully online, designed to take you from someone who is wanting to scale their business, to the top of your industry, living a life of total locational, time, and financial freedom.

Over 12 weeks, your course programme breaks down like this -


week one

Your Big Idea

Everything starts with an idea... It might be a way to monetise an audience, a new product or service or simply an ideal way you would love to live your life.

During week one, we guide you through our Business Plan strategy. Designed to help you to gain clarity on your big idea (or help you find one if you don't yet have it), how to align that with your personal goals. What target market will help you to effectively achieve that and how to create an irresistible offer to the people you want to help the most.

Untitled design-78

week two

How To Launch

We always start with the end in mind. What is it you actually want to achieve with your 90 Day Launch Loop®.

From there, we show you how to reverse engineer your results so that your business model maximises your efficiency, customer value and profitability.

Untitled design-78

week three

Lead Magnets

Generating leads is the life blood of any business and the gateway to your 90 Day Launch Loop®. Choosing the right lead magnet for your ideal client therefore, is a crucial step.

This week, we provide you will detail analysis of how to create, build and launch 5 different lead magnets, which includes; Ebooks, Webinars, Quizzes, Workshops and 5 Day Challenges.

We also provide copywriting and design templates for each one.


week four

Social Media

When you have clarity on your system, you have the opportunity to become an expert in your industry. When you promote the first step of your 90 Day Launch Loop® you immediately highlight your ideal client.

This week, we not only share strategies working across Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube right now, but more importantly we show you how to find your ideal clients so you know exactly where to market your business.


When creating your sales and marketing system - we break down the key learning steps over 12 weeks. During the first 4, we help you to gain total clarity on your business and the direction you wish to take it. And then, we shows you how to generate leads on auto-pilot.


week five

Nurture Sequence

After 15-30 days of email marketing the nature of your relationship begins to change with your ideal client. You become a source of information they know, like and trust.

In week 5, we break down detailed strategies on ways to deepen your client relationship to maximise your sales, referrals and profitability.


week six

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format.

Focussed on out 4 Key Pillars of Content® we will show you how to plan, create and re-purpose content across multiple platforms.

Untitled design-105

week seven

Webinar Funnel

How can you offer your expertise online? Presenting your webinar content is one thing (after all, you're an expert). But getting people to sign up for your webinar, following up after the event, and making sure nothing goes wrong can be tricky.

This week give you everything you need to get started planning, recording and promoting your webinar. The resources includes templated slide decks, pre- and post-event emails, and 32+ point checklists to make sure you can run everything smoothly.


week eight

Tech week

Chances are, you'll be in need of tech support. Making all of the different components of your marketing system can be challenging, at first. We set aside week 8 to solely focus on helping you with all the "tech stuff".

You might be business for yourself but with us, you'll never be left by yourself. Our support group is available to answer you most challenging enquiries and we are happy too jump on Zoom to show you exactly what to do. We are passionate in seeing our clients achieve success.


Next we focus on nurturing your customer relationships. After finding your audience, we’ll show you the best ways to keep them engaged, how to turn them into raving fans and make some quick, simple wins along the way too.

We’ll share with you strategies for email campaigns and how to make sure your list keeps reading what you send. During this call we will also share with you our Facebook group strategies to welcome, nurture, sell and scale your business.


week nine

The Numbers

Ever heard the expression "it's a numbers game" when talking about business. Well, it's true. But not in the way you've been taught.

See, most people talking bout numbers in a more, more, more approach. If you talk to more people, you'll make more sales. And whilst that's possible, it is not the most effective solution or scalable. Instead, in week nine, we will break down how to effectively forecast your profit, manage your expenditure and create an infinitely scalable business model.


week ten

Launch Loop

The most crucial part of your 90 Day Launch Loop® is the final stage. The bit that links your conversion mechanism back to your lead generation system.

This is the hardest part, as it requires 'big thinking' to maximise and leverage the social proof you've achieved from helping all of your customers within your sales and marketing system. In week 10, we provide you with proven examples for you to swipe and use, plus host an open Q&A session for direct coaching on your loop link.


week eleven

Onboard & Retain

A big part of this programme teaches you how to find and generate sales on auto-pilot.

After all of that hard work, it makes sense to keep as many of those clients as well. Even better, what if they could become raving fans (perhaps even affiliates) that go on to help promote your products and services to all of their audience too? Imagine what your business would look like then?!


week twelve


In the final week, we focus all of our efforts on making sure you have taken action on everything learned and that you have implemented the needed missing steps for your marketing and sales ecosystem.

Over the years, we've found that week 12 is a great time for a 1-1 call to talk though anything else you need. We call this the 'handover' call. As it's our time to make sure you're ready to launch your business using the 90 Day Launch Loop®.


And finally, we share with you how to complete your 90 day launch campaign so that you can either; continue with live launches or fully automate your business using an evergreen model.

But that's not all. We know you need help and support with the tech to setup and create your systems. So we've gone ahead and done the hard work for you. As soon as you register to this live programme, you'll receive instant access to the following:


bonus one

Pre-Designed Ebooks

A great e-book is a huge asset for your brand. It educates people, demonstrates your thought-leadership, and helps you generate leads like nobody's business. But great e-book content is not enough; it's great e-book design that really draws readers in.

From an attention-grabbing cover and sleek data visualizations to unique illustrations and an intuitive layout, there are many elements that go into a beautiful e-book design. But sometimes you just feel creatively stuck. That's OK.

If you need a little inspiration for your next e-book design, you've come to the right place.


bonus two

Content & Images

Immediately access 12 months of trending captions you can access immediately based on our 4 Key Pillars of Content™ system.

Captions are designed with punchy headlines and compelling calls to action encouraging engagement from your social media community. Plus, curated images that have been professionally designed yet not overly curated.


bonus three

1606 Web Templates

All of our websites, landing pages and email optin pages are created using WordPress. This means there are no additional ongoing payments needed to a 3rd party. And with over 1606+ designs to choose from, you'll never run out of beautiful sites to wow your audience.


bonus four

Digital Library

We have our very own membership site which shows you step by step how to create your very own online marketing and sales ecosystem. Created with you in mind, these videos are bitesized and easy to implement.


Know exactly how to scale your business online, so you never struggle to earn more, work less and generate online customer sales.

• Be able to pitch to them with ease, in a way that’s fun, humorous, and laid back, so you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of customers being in ‘witness protection’, and instead, get a – “Sounds good, when can I start” – time after time.

• Have a full-time business (or even a side hustle,) that brings in as much as £10,000 per month, working from your laptop, from your favourite coffee shop, your home office, or even some swanky beach bar, or posh hotel lobby.

• Gain access to a ready-made "business in a box", of pre-made templates for ebooks, webinars, lead magnets, landing pages, sales funnels, email campaigns and content to grow and scale your business whilst building better relationships with your customers and downline.

• Give the best possible life to your family, treat your friends, and even be able to financially look after loved ones and parents, should they need it.

• Travel wherever and whenever you like. Provided you have a laptop and a WiFi connection, you’re open for business.

• Connect with a growing group of freedom-seeking entrepreneurs, and be a part of our thriving community.

It truly is a next level 'scaling solution’ and no stone is left unturned.

This really is all you need to go from just someone who hopes to be successful to making it a reality.


Right about now, you may well be wondering how much Simplify and Scale your business costs and what's included.

Well, let me ask you a question …



Of course it would. That's a no brainer, right? Our private clients pay this when we build out their entire sales and marketing system - like what we're about to teach you to do. What would it be worth to have a skill you know will never leave you struggling for business?

How about the ability to confidently sell, so you have true financial freedom, and get paid multiple times for every sale you do?

Or even just a nice little ‘side hustle’ that pays you more than most folks earn in a year.

I’ll be honest, for me, the money is almost secondary to the freedom and lifestyle you get when you can build a successful online business, and know exactly where to find (and how to attract) the people who happily buy your products and join your team

I’m sure you’d agree that’d be worth a lot.

And the bottom line is – Your investment in this course is less than you can earn selling just a few of your products.

If you join, watch the trainings and take action on all I teach, and you can’t sell one product, I will refund you your entire investment back plus give you another £50 back from my own pocket. We're that confident it works.

Let’s be blunt, if you have to still think about whether or not to join the 90 Day Launch Loop® at this stage – you shouldn’t. This really isn't not for you.

But here’s the good news –

You can sign up now to Simplify & Scale Your Business for just £1997 now.

That’s roughly £5.47 per day, spread over the next year (payment plans also available).

To put it another way –

You have zero excuses to not join.

When you put it like that, it should be clear to see how, with the right attitude and the right mindset, anyone who’s truly committed to the freedom-led lifestyle can get into profit on their initial investment, rather quickly.

More than that though, think about the kind of lifestyle this provides.

The freedom to travel …

The removal of financial stress …

The pride and excitement of picking and choosing your work, and getting amazing results for ‘big hitters’ in various industries …

The way friends and family see you, now you’re the one with the cool job, who treats their family, and who gets to work for themselves, on their own terms. Who never has to answer to a boss, drive to an office, and can earn thousands from their bed, in their underwear, if they want to.

It’s cliche to say, but it’s hard to put a price on that.

But, I want to go one step further, because – we know that the 'tech' can be a challenge for some people.

That's why, we've included a "done for you" Sales Funnel as a special bonus when enrolling to this program.


done for you

Sales Funnel

That's right, our Digital Marketing Agency, Easy Peasy Business, will build you a sales funnel. This could be for your ebook, quiz, webinar or even a sales page. We're happy to do whatever you need help with most. All the design work, all the complicated tech... done for you.

Untitled design-91


our clients



"Before this course, writing an ebook, creating a sales page etc was something I always wanted to do in the back of my mind but was something I never knew how to go about doing or thought would be too hard"

Gemma Dickson


"This is a complete game changer . Easy to follow, huge support and actually a joy to work through the modules and learn from the best. There are so many quick fix offers out there happy to take cash for billy basics. A game changer for life no quick fixes here."

Lisa Shabbas


"Such amazing value and doesn't just leave me to work it out by myself. Clear and precise step by step instructions and 'made for you' templates have given me so much confidence that my site will be up and running in no time at all."

Nevil Kapadia


Yes, you can make payment over 1, 3 or 12 months. Details below.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on this product.

This 12 week course begins Monday August 6th. But, as trainings are recorded you can work through all of this at your own leisure.

The designs and templates we provide are usable with free platforms. The ebooks are editable within Canva.

Your website, funnels and email optins are created on a sub-hosted WordPress site. If you wish to host your own site, this would be a cost to you of approximately £40, plus any additional plugins you require.

For messenger bots we recommend Manychat and for email Active Campaign. However, you can use any bot and email automation software. Both have free options available. However, as you increase your list size there will be additional monthly costs. You can review those by viewing their websites.

When you register for SAS, you'll get instant access to our incredible membership site, which includes bite-sized training videos, tech tutorials, and interactive workbooks. Everything is easy peasy to follow, and actionable.

You can work through the program at your own pace immediately or wait for the live coaching element to begin Monday August 6th.

SAS also includes an exclusive members-only community. 

You'll be invited to join our ongoing membership programme to receive continued training and support over a 12 month period.




To sign up simply click the button below, follow the simple instructions on the page and you'll have signed up to 90 Day Launch Loop® in just a few minutes.

Now is the time to take a chance on yourself, and a chance of changing your business, your life, and having true time, locational, and financial freedom.

Three Investment Levels:



We don’t regret the things we did do, rather we regret the things we didn’t do, and wish we had.”

I’m not a quotes guy, but that one rings true to me, and perhaps it does for you, too.

There’s little worse than looking back at an opportunity that you passed up, and thinking “What if …?”

One route you can go down is to do nothing. To not sign up. To spend that £5.47 a day on something else.

That’s definitely a choice.

But that likely means nothing changes today. You continue on as you are. Which is fine – if you have freedom, no financial worries, and a business that provides regular revenue, month after month, after month, there’s probably no need for you to enrol to Simplify and scale Your Business.

But the other route you can go down is to take a zero risk chance on mastering a skill and having the type of business that so many dream of.

Don’t let doubt hold you back from what could be.

Don’t look back in years to come with regrets that you chose not to invest.

Take a chance on us and Easy Peasy Business and let us prove to you that you can do this, and be a successful entrepreneur, earning £10,000+ per month, and living life on your terms.

If you’ve got this far, I’m sure you have what it takes.

Are you?

To sign up simply click the button below, follow the simple instructions on the page and you’ll have joined the ready for this programme to begin Monday August 6th in just a few minutes.

Will you be a victim of doubt…

…or take a chance on yourself, and a chance of changing your business, your life, and having true time, locational, and financial freedom?

Whatever you decide, thanks for reading.