Which is better Google Ads or Facebook ads?

Using Google ads or Facebook ads for your business is very important!

These days, businesses are benefiting from what digital marketing can offer them. 

Digital marketing has become one of the most important methods to advertise things in recent years. 

In the UK, 72% of marketing experts allocate their money to online marketing.

If you’re a business owner, you’re reading this because you want to find out more about digital marketing. 

In this article, you’ll discover the most common method of running advertisements online. 

You’ll also gain insights into Google ads and Facebook ads. 

We’ll also reveal a trick on how you can keep track of, control, and make them work effectively for your business.

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

The goal of this article is to help you better understand the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads.

First, let’s talk about Google ads.

Google Ads is an online advertising tool made by Google. 

With it, businesses and advertisers can show their ads on Google’s search engine and other places where they display ads. 

These ads pop up when people search for particular words or visit websites in Google’s ad network.

Yes, there is a competition. 

Advertisers compete for words and target specific groups and places to reach the people they want to. 

Advertisers pay a certain amount when people click on these ads,

This is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Over 1.2 million businesses use Google Ads to promote what they sell.

It is a useful tool for businesses to advertise their stuff online, get more visitors to their websites, and hopefully turn those visitors into customers.

What is a Facebook ad and how does it work?

Around three million businesses are currently advertising on Facebook. 

These are companies from all over the world, and over 70% of them are outside the United States. 

By 2022, the United Kingdom stood as one of the biggest markets for Facebook in Europe.

Facebook Ads, or Facebook Advertising, is a service provided by Facebook.

It lets companies and people make and show ads on Facebook, as well as on its related apps like Instagram and Messenger. 

It’s a user-friendly tool for businesses and marketers to connect with a particular group of people using different factors like age, interests, and behaviour.

Facebook Ads can be displayed in different areas, including the desktop and mobile news feeds, as well as the right-hand column on the desktop version of Facebook. 

This allows advertisers to reach their target audience in various ways.

Facebook Ads often incorporate social actions from your friends, such as when they like a Page. 

This social integration can make ads more engaging and relevant to users.

Are Google ads or Facebook ads better for business?

The decision is up to you. 

It relies on what you want to achieve with your marketing, who you want to reach, and how much money you have to spend. 

Indeed, both platforms have their pros and cons. 

What is effective for one business might not be right for another. 

Look at these factors to think about when choosing between them:

Things to consider with Google Ads:

1. Google Ads work really well for catching the attention of users who are looking for something specific. Many people use Google when they want to find products or services.

2. With Google Ads, you can choose exactly which keywords you want to target. You can bid on keywords that are related to your business so that your ad shows up when people search for those words.

3. When people shop online, 65% of them click on ads. People who click on Google Ads usually have a strong intention to make a purchase.

4. Google Ads gives you the freedom to manage your budget in a flexible way.

Things to consider with Facebook Ads:

1. With Facebook Ads, you can connect with users based on their personal information, what they like, what they do, and even if they’ve visited your website or interacted with your Facebook page before.

2. Facebook Ads are good for making people more aware of your brand and getting them engaged. You can make eye-catching ads and chat with your audience through comments, likes, and shares.

3. Facebook has different types of ads, like pictures, videos, and carousels, so you can get creative with your advertising.

4. Facebook Ads might be cheaper for each click compared to Google Ads, particularly when you’re targeting a broad group of people.

“Posting is not marketing”

You’ve probably seen this statement before. 

It basically means that making your content look good isn’t enough if you don’t know how to make Google and Facebook ads work for you. 

So, how can you make the most of them? 

Take a look at these tips for improving your Facebook and Google ads. 

How to optimize Google Ads for conversions?

Tip #1: Do not use irrelevant or overly competitive keywords.  It can lead to wasted ad spend.

Tip #2: Use negative keywords. It allows you to remove certain search terms from your campaigns. 

They help you concentrate on the keywords that are important to your customers.

Tip #3: Ad extensions, such as site links and callouts. They can enhance your ad’s visibility and click-through rate. 

Tip #4: Not mobile-optimized ads and landing pages can lead to missed opportunities. 

Tip #5: Running ads without A/B testing is not a good idea. It can lead to poor campaign performance. 

How to optimize Facebook ads for conversions?

Tip #1: Make sure that you are targeting the right audience. Broad and narrow targeting can affect your ad spend.

Tip #2: Showing the same ad to the same audience too frequently is a bad idea. It can lead to ad fatigue and reduced engagement. 

Tip #3: Poorly designed or unappealing ad creative can discourage users from engaging with your ads. 

Tip #4: Writing ad copies with a strong hook can attract more audiences. Adding intriguing lines can help you increase your ad traffic.

Tip #5: Call-to-action is not just for selling. Don’t forget to include a clear and concise call-to-action to all your content posting. 

Which tool is perfect for Google ads and Facebook ads?

There are many tools that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your Google ads and Facebook ads. 

Are Google and Facebook ads not enough?

Of course, they are.

But there are tools that are designed to support them. 

Just like Easy Peasy Funnels

It is a one-stop marketing tool that has Google ads reporting features. 

Easy Peasy Funnels can gather information from the Google Ads account. 

This information may include details about advertising plans, how much money is spent on ads, how many people click on the ads, how many people take a desired action, and other stuff.

Customers using the system can make their own special reports and control panels to keep an eye on how well their advertising plans are doing. 

They can keep track of important numbers and indicators to figure out how good their ads are.

How about for Facebook ads?

Easy Peasy Funnels can be integrated with Facebook Lead Ads.

After the integration is set up, you can create Facebook Lead Ad campaigns directly within Easy Peasy Funnels or set up existing ones to sync with your Easy Peasy Funnels account.

It enables you to gather potential customers directly from Facebook Ads and then have their information automatically synchronized with your CRM.

That’s interesting!

Well, there are a lot of features Easy Peasy Funnels has for you.

If you want to give it a try, click here


Knowing and understanding your business target market is the key to positioning your marketing well. 

Know your target audience preference so that you can craft appropriate ads that will attract them.

Here’s a friendly reminder for you.

Not using digital marketing today can harm your business.”


Just think of this. 

If your business isn’t active on social media and other digital platforms, millions of people using these platforms won’t be able to find your business.

In a nutshell, it is safe to use the advantage of Google and Facebook ads but use them strategically.

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